Date: 02-22 10:43:43

@Chrissie White

I have just had my "Poppy" mounted in a frame (along with the box and certificate). I am absolutely delighted with it. A fantastic job - thank you so much!

Date: 01-15 01:08:32

Gemma Milly


I recently had a portrait which I painted for a friend framed by Fine Framing. They absolutely loved the frame and I can safely say it looked beautiful and you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!

Date: 10-27 16:58:56

Debbie Craig


I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the work carried out on the frame surrounding my Great Grandad's painting. The quotation made me smile and heave a sigh of relief. We were honestly expecting the repairs to cost far more than we could stretch to, by £££££££££££££££ in fact. How did you managed to match the colour of the repairs to the orinal frame? It's 110 years old! Amazing stuff. Thanks again.



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